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‘Where Technology, Business and Pop Culture Intersect’

I created The Garraud Files Podcast in 2004 when podcasting was in its infancy. The program was cancelled in 2005 due to other pursuits. In 2013, I reintroduced the podcast in a mobile format where all production takes place on my portable devices. I currently use the iPad 2 iPad Air 2 along with Bossjock Studio’s iOS app using various microphones, preamps and accessories. The mobile format allows me to be more efficient with producing and uploading content while on the go.


The show is produced twice monthly and uploaded to Libsyn. You can also subscribe and listen via iTunes and Stitcher.com on your mobile device. Current episodes can also be heard here as well as http://rayga.libsyn.com

Teusday, 23 December 2014
The Garraud Files Episode 27



Discussing the Garraud Files history and set up.

Recording 2 audio sources with Bossjock Sudio: All iOS VoIP Podcast Rig

Interview with my daughter about her latest venture at DandyDemure.com

Happy Holidays to all!


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