Creating Valuable Content

Whether you’re a content marketer, blogger or advertiser, creating content that is of value to your reader should always be an area of focus. In an environment where large amounts of information is being created and published daily, it’s as important as ever to create content that attracts the readers attention while providing useful and interesting information.

Here are 3 areas to consider when creating content for your audience:

It needs to provide a solution to a problem or challenge

Think of an area where a real challenge exists and write with the intention of providing a solution that your reader can benefit from. Focus on your reader’s desired outcomes. Instead of primarily writing about services or ideas you want to pitch, focus first on what the reader is going to get out of it.

It needs to be interesting

Material about any subject is widely available throughout the internet. How do you stand out?  Add a bit of personality to your content, be enthusiastic and passionate about your subject. Tell a memorable story and add a personal slant that your reader can connect with.

It needs to be useful

Does your subject capture your readers attention by providing information that can be used right now or filed away for future reference? Does it provide a means to an end, such as: Can it help your reader get closer to their goals? Does it educate? Does it inspire or motivate your reader to take action? Will your reader be likely to share this content with others?

In addition, consider the type of audience you’re trying to reach and brainstorm ideas on how to best reach that audience. Choose a platform and work on the goal of being a leading provider of information on that platform. When you leverage this kind of focus, you will be providing an experience that both you and your readers will benefit from.


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