Breaking Bad’s Finale – My take

In a riveting 75 minute finale, AMC’s iconic series Breaking Bad came to an end this Sunday evening.

I was quite satisfied with how the writers and producers brought the series to a close, tying up all the loose ends and killing off the anti-hero Walter White AKA Heisenberg. The finale was tense, violent and at times emotional. It sealed Breaking Bad’s status in my opinion as one of the best TV series ever produced.

*Spoiler Alert*

So in a nutshell, Walt and his remaining antagonists are dead, Jesse’s alive and Walt’s family’s future is set.

My favorites scenes of the Final episode were as follows:

  • When Walt forces Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz, (the couple he blamed for stealing his research)┬áto hold his $10 million in trust for his children . He sealed the deal by tricking them into thinking he’d put a contract on their lives; a ruse Walt concocted by paying off Badger and Skinny to hold laser pointers at the couple from nearby in the darkness. Well played!
  • His Surprise reunion with Skyler for a final emotional moment and when he refutes the claim that he did it for his family. “I did it for me. I liked it. I was alive.”
  • The moment we discover that the ricin was for lydia, as lydia learns of her fate via that phone call which was meant for Todd.
  • When Walt saves Jesse’s life, protecting him from the machine-gun-equipped car trunk that mowed down the neo-nazi gang.
  • Watching Jesse get revenge as he strangles Todd
  • And finally, Walt gives Jesse a chance to kill him, but Jesse declines and leaves Walt to die alone from his wounds.

The series ends as best as could be expected leaving the audience including myself mostly satisfied as all possibilities were addressed to deliver the story’s ending on a creative high.

Wondering what’s next for Breaking Bad’s creator Vince Gilligan? This article offers a peek on what’s next for the super star producer. As for the rest of the cast and crew of Breaking Bad, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about them for years to come.