‘Check Engine’

photo It’s Never a good thing to see the words ‘Check Engine’ pop up on your car’s dashboard. I wish auto manufacturers would design such an important alert to be a bit more specific. This warning light can come on for a variety of reasons which may remain unknown until you pay your mechanic a visit.

The most common problems that trigger this alert are emission control malfunctions that involve sensors. There are also many other easily correctable issues that can cause the light to engage including spark plug wires being worn or your gas cap becoming loose or worn.

My ‘check engine’ light came on yesterday and after investigating a few possibilities, I realized that I didn’t properly tighten my gas cap after getting gas the day before. Here’s how that works: If your gas cap isn’t tight, gasoline vapors can escape. The U.S. has instituted many environmental initiatives in the past 30 years to clean up the Nation’s air and car manufacturers are required to have a safeguard in place that warns you if your vehicle’s emissions system is malfunctioning. If Your car’s gas cap is loose or damaged, unburned hydrocarbons can leak into the air creating your own personal smog cloud (and you don’t want that). The ‘check engine’ indicator is a warning that the fuel system is not properly pressurized.

Needless to say, this was quick fix for me and I didn’t have take out my wallet to rectify the situation.

(#31WriteNow Day 21)


One thought on “‘Check Engine’

  1. I agree with you Ray. Shucks, I even appreciate the fact that one of my former cars used to tell me WHICH tire was low, as opposed to my current vehicle, which just tells me one or more of them is low!

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