Sun Tzu on Strategy

The Art of War‘ is referred to as one of the great works on military strategy and tactics.  Written  more than 2,500 years ago by Sun Tzu, a Chinese military general, strategist, and philosopher, the treatise is heralded for its incredibly insightful advice on warfare strategy.

Over the years, Sun Tzu’s teachings have also been applied by business leaders when formulating competitive strategies in an increasingly complex business environment. For example, Sun Tzu teaches us to be intensely focused on existing competitors in the marketplace. But instead of going head to head with your competitor, he advises that one should not compete in aspects where the competitor is superior but rather, determine what your business can do better than the competition and focus on that strength.

For more on the subject, here’s a great article by David Brim on 7 powerful lessons Sun Tzu can teach you about strategy .


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