For the love of chocolate

I’ve always been a fan of chocolate; dark, high quality chocolate to be more specific.

Over the years, more and more research has shown that dark chocolate (or cocoa or cacao) may actually improve your health. These benefits range from cholesterol reduction to cardiovascular health among a long list of other benefits.

Most recently, in another study published in the Journal of Neurology, researchers reported that chocolate may help improve brain health and thinking skills in the elderly. The Boston-based team found that older people who initially performed poorly on a memory and reasoning test and also had reduced blood flow to their brains showed improvement after drinking two cups of cocoa every day for a month.

Of course, not all chocolate products are the same. Skip the high caloric and sugar content milk chocolate products at your local supermarket’s candy isle and go for high quality chocolate products instead. As this Mayo Clinic article suggests : ‘choose dark chocolate with cocoa content of 65 percent or higher and Limit yourself to around 3 ounces (85 grams) a day, which is the amount some studies have shown to be helpful‘. If you prefer to make your own natural cocoa drink, here’s a helpful article on the wonderful world of unsweetened cocoa powder.


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