The return of Arsenio

After years away from the TV scene, Arsenio Hall will return to late-night when “The Arsenio Hall Show” premieres on September 9th.

His original groundbreaking Arsenio Hall Show which he is best known for, ran from 1989-1994. Since then, the late-night show landscape has become pretty crowded with guys like Kimmel, Fallon, Conan, while Leno and Letterman are still going strong; it will be interesting to see how Arsenio does amidst the competition.

Hall will film at Sunset Bronson studios in Los Angeles and has signed on The Posse, a five-member band led by Robin DiMaggio, to bring musical life to his set.

I wonder if he will bring the dog pound back.

(#31WriteNow Day 9)


2 thoughts on “The return of Arsenio

  1. I still don’t know what to make of this. Fallon and Kimmel are his real competition with a younger crowd. I hope he’s updated himself (which means NO dog pound please). He hasn’t been as visible lately so I can’t tell how funny it will be.

  2. Calandra, He’s probably hoping to take away a section of each of his competitor’s demographic and his comedic style will have to change to reflect current trends and viewer preferences. It will be a challenge, I hope he’s up to it.

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