I’ve tried quite a few iOS weather apps is the last 2 years, some good, some just ok.

I recently came across Minutely, a new kind of weather app that lets users report incorrect weather data. By using national weather data in conjunction with crowd-sourced information from Minutely users, weather data can be more accurate as some reports will come from specific areas. In addition, the app has many other features such as a 9 day forecast, real time 3D radar, current conditions, high and low temps, and more.

What makes the app super awesome to me is the crowd-sourcing feature that allows users to report incorrect conditions. For example, I live in an area where it’s common to have heavy rains in one part of the city while it may be sunny a few miles away; or perhaps extreme winds in one area while it’s calm in another part of town. It’s a great concept, (similar to what Waze did for traffic reports) hopefully the app will generate a user base that’s large enough to make a difference.

(#31WriteNow Day 7)


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