Right Now #31WriteNow

Right now is one of those moments that are influencing your future.


A letter from Fred #31WriteNow

I posted this on Twitter earlier today. I was so moved after watching the video that I felt compelled to share it as one of my daily blog posts for #31WriteNow.

Fred was married to Lorraine for 75 years. A month after she passed away, he wrote a love letter in her honor. The details of what happens next are quite touching and will inspire you. Enjoy.

Imminent, Eminent and Immanent

via Dictionary.com

Though these three words may sound exasperatingly similar, they have three very different meanings. When something is imminent, it is destined to happen e.g. “the imminent sunset.” Eminent can refer to a person of high rank or repute: “an eminent king,” or anything that noticeably pokes out like “an eminent nose.” But when something is immanent it is inherent or inborn. Will your immanent linguistic eminence shine through when you use these words correctly? Of course, it’s imminent!


A breakthrough in the peace talks is imminent.

The eminent senator was greeted by a standing ovation upon his return.

The protections of liberties is immanent in constitutional arrangements. 

(#31WriteNow day 26)

Art Appreciation #31writeNow

The day will end in 15 minutes and I’m just getting around to writing today’s blog post.

Have you ever visited an art gallery or museum but didn’t really know what to look for? Of course, you may have may found a work of art that you liked or disliked but did you take the time to analyze what it was about the work that lead you to that decision?

I came across this article entitled Art appreciation 101 that treats the subject in simple terms.

Firstly, ask yourself if you like the painting before you. Do you enjoy it? If so, why? If not, why? Then, employ the following 5 ‘C’s to help you clarify your feelings. These 5 ‘C’s stand for ‘Colours, Composition, Content, Context and Choice’.

Everyone interprets art differently, even artists often disagree with each other’s interpretations. These steps simply serve as a guide or starting point you can use to fully appreciate the process.

(31WriteNow day 25)

Blogsy app for iPad #31WriteNow

Just downloaded and testing blogsy for iPad.

Blogsy is a blogging app that takes full advantage of the iPad's touch interface by making it easy to drag photos, videos, links, and more directly into your blog post. It offers support for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Drupal, and several other platforms.

The app also allows integration with popular photo and video services. You can login to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picassa, YouTube, or Vimeo to easily drag and drop images and videos directly into your post. There is also a built-in browser that lets you insert a URL as a link, you simply highlight the text you want to use the for the link, switch to the in-app browser, and drag the link into the post with the drag tool. It doesn't matter where you drop the link, it will automatically be attached to the text you highlighted.

There are a lot more formatting options that I haven't dug into yet but so far this appears to a top notch blogging tool for the iPad and I look forward to using it a lot more. I will post another full review of blogsy soon.


(#31WriteNow day 24)


Audio Week

Audio week begins on 8/24/13.

Audio week is similar to Audio Month AKA AudioMo but lasts for only 7 days. Are you feeling up to it? Last July, I participated in Audio Month 2013 and had a blast. I expect Audio Week to be just as fun.

If you want to get involved, create a daily an audio post anywhere on the web and link to it on Twitter using the hashtag #AudioWK. There are several sites you can use to post audio including my Audioboo and Shoutomatic. There are no rules as to what you can talk about, just be creative, discuss anything that’s important to you and have fun.

(#31WriteNow Day 23)

Oh Really?

I came across this article a few days ago about a recent study that finds BMW drivers more likely to be jerks on the road.

Drivers of BMWs frequently come in for anecdotal criticism for habits on the road that are perceived as aggressive. Now, a couple of studies, one in the U.S. and another from the U.K., appear to provide statistical evidence that BMW drivers are, to be polite about it, complete jerks.

In the older study, by researchers at the University of California, BMW drivers were far less likely to stop for a pedestrian who had just entered a crosswalk, the New York Times notes. ”Fancy cars were less likely to stop,” researcher Paul K. Piff told the paper, adding, “BMW drivers were the the worst….”

The study found men between the ages of 35 and 50 driving blue BMWs were most likely to be reported as having engaged in road-rage behaviors such as aggressive driving and swearing.

That to me is a bit far fetched but an interesting study nonetheless. As a former BMW owner for 10 years, I’ve found just the opposite to be true. From my experiences on the road, I find that aggressive drivers drive all types of vehicles. From the teenager driving the low-rider Honda civic to the middle aged man driving a white van with ladders on top to the soccer mom driving an SUV. It’s not the vehicle, it’s the character of the person behind the wheel that makes for a bad experience on the road. Here are more details on this humorous study.


‘Check Engine’

photo It’s Never a good thing to see the words ‘Check Engine’ pop up on your car’s dashboard. I wish auto manufacturers would design such an important alert to be a bit more specific. This warning light can come on for a variety of reasons which may remain unknown until you pay your mechanic a visit.

The most common problems that trigger this alert are emission control malfunctions that involve sensors. There are also many other easily correctable issues that can cause the light to engage including spark plug wires being worn or your gas cap becoming loose or worn.

My ‘check engine’ light came on yesterday and after investigating a few possibilities, I realized that I didn’t properly tighten my gas cap after getting gas the day before. Here’s how that works: If your gas cap isn’t tight, gasoline vapors can escape. The U.S. has instituted many environmental initiatives in the past 30 years to clean up the Nation’s air and car manufacturers are required to have a safeguard in place that warns you if your vehicle’s emissions system is malfunctioning. If Your car’s gas cap is loose or damaged, unburned hydrocarbons can leak into the air creating your own personal smog cloud (and you don’t want that). The ‘check engine’ indicator is a warning that the fuel system is not properly pressurized.

Needless to say, this was quick fix for me and I didn’t have take out my wallet to rectify the situation.

(#31WriteNow Day 21)