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Podcasting: My story

Listen to my latest podcast where I Talk about when and why I started podcasting, my amateur radio roots and why I think we all enjoy communicating and telling stories.

Show Notes

The National Association for Amateur Radio  (correction not net)

Link to my My Amateur Radio Weblog (no longer updated)

Awards: Verified communications with 50 states and over 100 countries + Morse code proficiency certificate

Musical selection: Two Sides by Scomber.

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The Garraud Files Podcast

The Garraud Files Podcast was created in 2004. In 2005 after 55 episodes or so, I decided to discontinue it due to other pursuits. I recently re-created the GF as a mobile podcast and it is currently been hosted at I’m currently using the Bossjock Studio podcasting app (for iPhone and iPad) and the iRig Mic Cast Microphone. The app and microphone mentioned suit my needs perfectly as this podcast will take place mostly while on the go and discuss subject matters relating to business, technology and social media.

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