Asking the Right Questions

As you go about your day to day activities, are you asking the right questions?

For example: Do you love what you do? That question has a lot more relevance today than ever before. People who love what they do are the ones that are doing the best work, being the most productive and making the greatest impact.

With a properly-framed question, finding a worthwhile answer becomes almost straightforward. And when you’re honest with your answers, you can begin the process of making the necessary changes that will impact you both personally and professionally.

In today’s society, we are trained to be solution-finders. In our careers, we are judged by the solutions that we propose, not the questions that we ask. Very often, in many areas of life, we are defined by the solutions we come up with rather than finding the best problems to tackle. Meanwhile, in order to get to the best solutions, we often overlook that asking the right questions in a systematic fashion is really the best way to get to a worthwhile solution.

How do you ask the right questions? Good questions are clear, even if they are broad. They have to be linked to an objective, the challenges posed by current approaches, the decision criteria, and the obstacles to adopting new solutions. Your questions will also depend on the complexity of the issue. Some will be simple, others will require that you delve a bit deeper into the issue.

Be introspective and proactive in managing your career and your life. It’s an effective personal and professional development strategy and it’s how powerful reputations are built. Of course, detailed questions are never as exciting as answers, but they are the starting point for asking the right questions that will in turn lead you to productive answers.


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