The Exquisite Corpse Video Project

The Exquisite Corpse Video Project is a collaborative video project in which artists from various parts of the world, who met online, work together. There is no curator, no single author and no theme; each artist responds to the piece of the previous artist. The process is spontaneous and creative. Inspired by the Surrealist invention of the ‘Exquisite Corpse,’ a method of sequential, collaborative image production, several video shorts were composed over several months by 26 artists in 13 countries.

One of several screenings to the public occurred on August 18, 2008 at the Monkey Town venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY.

I had the honor of having my voice open the first video of the project as part of artist Marty McCutcheon contribution.


One thought on “The Exquisite Corpse Video Project

  1. Ray

    I have told Marty this already – the sound of your voice is so reassuring to me. Stark constrast to the following clip that distorts the voice and makes it a bit outer spacey scarey.


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