Be Remarkable

Don’t be afraid to embrace change, to do things a little differently than you did before. Trust yourself, that is the starting point.

5 years ago, I developed a five-year plan for my life and career. As I reflect on the past 5 years I realize that along the way, several things happened that I did not expect. However, I embraced these unexpected events in a way that helped me to see them as opportunities rather than stumbling blocks. This has made all the difference.


One thought on “Be Remarkable

  1. This post reflects exactly how I feel about where I am in my life riht now. I’m currently working on my plans and I’m so proud of myself for moving forward. Things arent perfect and some big changes (well their big to me) had to be made, but I’m happy I made em. I just know that everything i’ve had to suffer through resulted in something better. Some people beg to differ but its all about attitude. A difference is a difference no matter how small it is.

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