New Year Resolutions for Entrepreneurial Companies

In this USA Today article Rhonda Abram’s shares a list of resolutions for entrepreneurial companies for 2008. Abrams, president of The Planning Shop, a publisher of books for entrepreneurs, says she’s optimistic about 2008, despite the likelihood of an unsettled economy.

Here are a few of the resolutions she shares … Notice that many of these strategies can be applied in your personal and professional endeavors as well.

Evaluate what you did right. When drawing up a list of resolutions, we usually focus on things we want to change. But you’re still here in 2008, so you did some things right in 2007. See how you can continue or increase your commitment to the positive ways you currently run your business.

Get your financial information organized. January 1 is the ideal time to start keeping better financial records. If you’re using a wordprocessing or spreadsheet program (or worse, a shoebox), get a good, easy, financial accounting program now.

Develop an annual business plan. Without a doubt, the one thing I’ve done that’s improved the health and income of my business is to develop an annual business plan. We do a full company planning session every year. Even if you do just a simple plan, sit down and figure out a plan for 2008.

Increase your efforts with best customers. If the economy turns sour in 2008, your customers are going to have to make some cuts. Make sure you’re not the one on the chopping block by working with them, serving them well, and making sure they don’t forget you.

Keep learning. Whether you work alone or have a thousand employees, you are your company’s most important asset. Go to seminars, read journals, take classes, learn new skills. Your brain is your most important business asset. Add to it.


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